Enjoying Munich in summer: Sun, Isar-beach and even more

The Isar River flows along a length of nearly 14 kilometres through the centre of Munich. With its numerous swimming and barbecue areas, cycle paths and footpaths it is one of the most popular summer-hotspots of the city.

The 295 km long river rises in the Karwendel Mountains (Tyrol / Austria) and flows among others through the towns of Bad Tölz, Munich, Landshut and Dingolfing. Near the town of Deggendorf it finally flows into the river Donau. Unfortunately the alpine and wild character of the river got widely lost due to the unnatural expansion in the urban area in the last 200 years. Therefore a few years ago the city started various renaturation measures to bring the river back into its roots. Over all the construction took around 11 years. This August the city of Munich is planning a big Isar-Party to celebrate the completion of the renaturation.

Today, the river looks again like a “wild” river in many areas and provides unique leisure experiences for citizens and tourists. At many places along the Isar beach towels are spread out now and after an extensive sunbath a jump in the cold mountain river can be real blessing. Due to this success the renaturation project serves even as an international model for other cities and rivers, such as the Los Angeles River.

The most beautiful places along the Isar River in Munich

Even though the whole area along the river is really beautiful now, there are some special parts we would like to recommend you for a visit:

The Flaucher is a section of the Isar in the city district Sendling in the south of Munich. Especially during the summer the Flaucher is a popular recreational area of the locals and tourists. Therefore it is often very crowded, especially on warm summer evenings and weekends. At the Flaucher you can have a barbecue, go for a swim or party all night long.

More relaxed and calm is an island of the river in the district Oberföhring. Here it is also allowed to have a barbecue on the gravel and between the northern city boundary and the weir of Oberföhring.

For swimming both the Flaucher and the Isar-Island are excellent, but you should be aware of signs and ban-bathing areas.

No matter how your perfect summer day looks like, along the river Isar you will certainly find the perfect place for relaxation, swimming and coziness.