Munich Fasching 2017 – You shouldn’t miss it!

When we talk about Fasching, Karneval or Fastnacht [German carnival], we also like to use the expression “Fifth season”.

When we talk about Fasching, Karneval or Fastnacht [German carnival], we also like to use the expression “Fifth season”. Although this term is actually reserved for Oktoberfest here in Munich, where the whole city turns totally topsy-turvy, carnival in Munich is also a sight to behold. We tell you which typical events you shouldn’t miss during the carnival week, and which top tips you should definitely take to heart.

Fasching in Bavaria

Before we tell you more about the highlights of Munich’s Mardi Gras, we want to give you a very short insight into the importance of carnival in Bavaria. First and foremost are the Franconian strongholds of revelers, such as Würzburg. Here, the colorful goings-on are firmly anchored in the culture. Many people are members of Fasching societies their whole lives, and prepare for the big parades even months in advance. In Munich, the traditional focus is on the big carnival balls, for example the one in the Deutsches Theater. All over Bavaria, fatty food is particular popular during carnival time: knuckle of pork, bread and lard and of course Auszogne [Bavarian doughnuts] for those with a sweet tooth.

The highpoints of carnival in Munich

Apart from the splendid balls, there are also some outdoor events: the first highlight awaits you on 19 February, with the traditional carnival parade of the Damische Ritter [foolish knights]: colorful decorated floats and costumed carnival groups delight with acts, music and good mood – the start is always at 1:13 p.m. On Shrove Tuesday, the last but also most celebratory day of the carnival, the dancing market women swarm the Viktualienmarkt – a spectacle not to be missed. We have linked further carnival events for you in the metropolis with a heart.

Two top tips for carnival in Munich

Apart from the classics, there are of course also a whole load of carnival parties, that are not on everyone’s radar. For years, the three Parties in the Ratskeller (Weiberfastnacht [Women’s carnival day] on February 23rd, Shrove Monday on February 27th and Shrove Tuesday on February 28th) have been an absolute top tip. For those who want to celebrate Cologne carnival on Munich soil, on February 23rd and 28th, the two clubs Ruby and Evergreen are the right place for you: two clubs, one admission!

Of course we also look forward to your visit to Platzl, Restaurant Pfistermühle or Wirtshaus Ayingers during carnival time.

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