Oh, you delicious Munich Christmas time

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It’s here: Munich Christmas time has reached its climax, and this is just what all gourmets have been waiting for. The many culinary specialties, which can only be enjoyed at the Christmas markets, reinforce the special ambience of this season many times over.

We give you some treat tips along the way, for your ‘Christkindlmarkt journey of discovery’ through Munich, and hope that we can welcome you to the Platzl again this year. In our catering establishments, we have prepared some delicacies for you. Read on and let us surprise you.

Culinary specialities at the Munich Christmas markets

Your tour of the nearby Christmas markets starts shortly after you leave the Platzl. Via the Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz, you reach the romantic “Sternenplatzl” at the “Rindermarkt.” There are two specialties here that you should not miss: The shepherd’s skewer in the extra long bread bun, and the flame salmon are always a treat.

500 metres further on, you reach the Christkindlmarkt at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz. Here the ‘Regensburger Spezial’ is particularly popular with Christmas gourmets. Behind the name is a knackwurst in the bun, with sweet mustard, radish and pickled gherkin.

Sweet Christmas treats at the Platzl

We also have a tip for people with a sweet tooth. Come to the Platzl and try the exclusive Christmas chocolates from our trusted Pâtissier, Marco d’Andrea. His unique compositions of flavours, for example salted caramel, vanilla muesli, cinnamon whisky or gingerbread truffle, will melt in your mouth. You can also have the sweet treats packed up to take away, and give your loved ones as a sweet surprise.

Christmas teas from Bioteaque

Another tasty gift idea, which you should know of, comes from our trusted tea supplier. The Chiemgau tea manufacturer Bioteaque has composed special Christmas mixtures for the holidays, which you can also indulge in at our shop.

We look forward to your spontaneous visit to the festively decorated Platzl. If you cannot make it this Christmas time, we wish you a happy holiday with your loved ones in advance, and a good start to the New Year!


Picture source: Igor Ovsyannykov / pexels.com