Your day in Munich always gets off to a good start with the hotel breakfast at MARIAS PLATZL.

Enjoy the start of the day with a classic Bavarian breakfast. At our buffet you will find regional sausage and cheese specialties as well as a selection of fresh fruit and hand fruit, cereals, yogurt and various jams from the copper kettle of the Faller manufactory.
In addition, there is fresh bread from the Schmid bread factory as well as rolls and pretzels from the Piller bakery. On order we prepare your favorite egg dish fresh and according to your wishes. 

Your breakfast at Mariahilfplatz is perfectly rounded off with a soothing hot drink: enjoy espresso made from regionally roasted beans from Dinzler am Irschenberg, premium coffee from the traditional house Dallmayr or an aromatic tea from the tea manufactory Bioteaque.

Our Munich breakfast at MARIAS PLATZL is served daily from 7:30 to 10:00 am.


Born in the beautiful foothills of the Bavarian Alps: The organic tea creations by Bioteaque are available in the hotel MARIAS PLATZL - served, of course, in the morning for breakfast. The quality of the teas is so good that numerous top hotels and pharmacies are now among the top customers. With every sip you enjoy a little bit of home. Try a cup of the "Icy Ötzi", the "Basic Jonas" or the "Nice Hanni". You are sure to find the right Bioteaque tea in our large selection and can infuse it yourself directly. Learn more


For many, the day can only really start after a cup of coffee. And the more full-bodied the hot beverage tastes, the better you feel. For filter coffee, we therefore only trust beans from the traditional Munich coffee house Dallmayr. For cappuccino, latte macchiato and other espresso specialties, we use beans from the Dinzler coffee roasting plant in Irschenberg. The green coffee comes exclusively from fairly remunerated small farmers from South America, Africa and Asia. In the Bavarian roastery, the beans are then roasted using the so-called long drum method. So, you enjoy a breakfast coffee full of the highest quality and round taste. Learn more


Bread is a symbol of life in many cultures. The baked product that exists in the most diverse variations worldwide, is on the one hand simple in production, on the other hand a great art. You can taste the difference between industrially produced and handmade bread with every bite. That's why we get our bread and rolls from the bread manufactory Schmidt, which has its bakery in the middle of Munich. After baking, it won't be long before you find the baked goods on our breakfast buffet. The flour comes from the Weissmühle in Bruckmühl, the eggs from free-range chickens of the farmer Herzog from Schwindegg and the cold-pressed natural honey from the beekeeper in Kleinhöhenrein. It really doesn't get any more regional and sustainable than this! Learn more


It can't be missing at a real Munich breakfast - the "Brezn" or pretzel as it is also called. Whether classic with the Bavarian white sausage – the " Weißwurst", dipped in Obatzter, as a “Butterbrezn” with butter or in more modern variants with seeds or cheese baked - the pretzel is simply an enrichment for each morning. What many do not know – there are great differences in quality and so most have eaten a lot of pretzels, but never a really good one. We would like to change that! With us in the MARIAS PLATZL you enjoy genuine "Piller pretzels", which not few call the best pretzels in the world. Otherwise, you can only get the legendary pretzels at the city stands of the so-called "Brotfrauen" or in some of the large Oktoberfest tents, for which the Piller bakery has been baking since 1972. The recipe is the same as back then and the result is unmistakable: crunchy on the outside, soft and finely yeasty on the inside. Of course, the pretzels also have a perfect chestnut brown color and the obligatory belly crack. Learn more

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