The perfect hotel for a trip to the Munich opera

Bavarian State Opera in the evening with pedestrians in front.

Without a doubt, the PLATZL HOTEL, along with its various partner establishments, is the perfect place to relax before and after the performances. And why? Here are our top 10 reasons:

There is no other city in Germany with as much to offer as Munich when it comes to opera, theatre, ballet and art. And it’s the sheer variety that makes Munich stand out from the rest: just think about the exhibitions in the Pinakothek galleries, spanning many epochs, the spectacular revues in the GOP Theatre or the contemporary musicals performed in the Deutsches Theater. Above all, lovers of the traditional performing arts can be sure of getting their money’s worth here. The Bavarian State Opera is one of the oldest opera houses in Germany, and a visit is always an incredible experience. Many people come just to see a performance and spend the weekend in the city. There’s no doubt that the PLATZL HOTEL, along with its various partner establishments, is the perfect place to relax before and after the show. Here’s why:


1. The proximity to the Bavarian State Opera

There are few hotels in Munich city centre as conveniently located for a trip to the opera as the PLATZL. The Bavarian State Opera is less than a five-minute walk away. This means there is no need to bother with public transport, taxis or finding a parking space.

2. Opera tickets available through our concierge service

Here at the PLATZL HOTEL we have an excellent relationship with the Bavarian State Opera, and, of course, are happy to help our guests book tickets. Our concierge service will reserve the best available seats for you. If you would like to take advantage of this service, feel free to contact us (+49 (0)89 / 23 703 – 0) or speak to our reception staff.

3.Dinner in the PFISTERMÜHLE

Every evening at the opera should end with a touch of indulgence – as long as there is a good restaurant close by. Our PFISTERMÜHLE strikes the right chord when it comes to serving up sophisticated creations with a regional twist (menu). Enjoy contemporary cuisine, Munich-style, and selected wines in a relaxed atmosphere. We are always happy to reserve a nice table for you!

4. Aperitif or digestif in the Platzl Karree

Of course, you don’t have to go for a big meal! Instead, how about some champagne to set the mood, or a glass of wine after the performance? Our “Spatzl” cocktail is always popular, no matter what the occasion. And, if you do start to feel a bit peckish, there is a range of snacks on the menu in our PLATZL KARREE. Like the PLATZL Hotel and the PFISTERMÜHLE restaurant, our charming outdoor bar is just a stone’s throw from the State Opera House.

5. Collaboration with the Ludwig Beck fashion house

If you’re still looking for the perfect outfit for your night at the opera, it’s worth taking a little detour to Ludwig Beck. Quite simply the traditional Munich department store bar none, this is where you’ll find an extensive range of evening wear, plus every PLATZL hotel guest can take advantage of attractive special offers. Simply pick up your discount voucher at reception. And if you want to continue on elsewhere after shopping at Ludwig Beck, we will make sure your purchases are taken to your room.

6. Express laundry service

If your evening clothes need ironing after your journey, we will be happy to help, even at short notice. And if something needs washing, our express laundry service will take care of it in no time at all.

7. Beauty Spa and hairdresser close at hand

It’s true that you are what you wear, but a great haircut and make-up can also work wonders. If you would like to have your hair or make-up done professionally before you go to the opera, you barely even need to leave the hotel. Two hair salons in the immediate vicinity will ensure that your hair is styled to perfection, and the style experts at Beauty Spa – right opposite the hotel in Münzstrasse – will bring out your best side with their sympathetic, skilled treatments.

8. Looking ahead: new suites & renovation of our spa

Even though the work won’t quite be finished during this year’s opera season, our renovation projects mean anticipation is already growing for the next one. In a few months’ time, our new suites will be ready for use, and our spa will be revealed in its full glory by the end of this year. So, from then on, you will be able to round off your trip to the opera with even greater quality and comfort.

9. PLATZL collaborations with opera tour providers

Opera lovers who wish to focus completely on the cultural aspects of their trip, leaving the organisation to others, like to book all-inclusive opera tours. Here at the PLATZL HOTEL we maintain collaborations with several providers of all-inclusive opera packages (e.g. Orpheus Opernreisen). This is also a way for you to choose our hotel for your stay.

10. Hosts with a heart and a passion for “beautiful things”

Platzl is and remains a family business and, as such, we value a personal connection with all our guests very highly. One thing we have in common with opera enthusiasts is our high standards when it comes to quality and a love of the finer things in life.

We look forward to welcoming you to the PLATZL HOTEL the next time you are in Munich for the opera. Simply book your room directly via the following link to get the best rates.

It is also worth taking a regular look at the special offerson our website. This is where you’ll find our current packages for a whole range of events.